Dylan Minnette & Katherine Langford Reveal Their Season 2 Hopes For 13 Reasons Why

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/MTV1617/Getty Images.
2018 seems like a lifetime away, but the cast of 13 Reasons Why are already being asked to offer up their hopes and wishes for the second season of their break-out Netflix series, which was released barely two months ago. The young and talented cast were one of the biggest cast crews present at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, and the possibilities of what's to come in the second installment, due out in 2018, was all anyone wanted to talk about.
The first season coordinated with the ending of the book, which means all the episodes following the thirteenth episode is unchartered territory. We do know, though, that Langford will be back as Hannah, despite her death, but it's unclear what format we will hear from her in. (More tapes? More voiceovers? More flashbacks? All of the above?)
When asked about it, Langford told E! that she specifically has one character who she'd like to sear more from: Jessica, played by Alisha Boe. "Personally, I would be interested to see…more discussion into what's happening afterwards. It's interesting in the first season we get to see what the characters go through post-Hannah's death," she told E! News at Netflix's FYSee event, following the MTV Award show. "I think Jessica has a really interesting story to tell — and recovery to make."
Meanwhile, Minnette has his rather surprising goal for season 2, and for his character. "Maybe some smiles?" he said, adding "Well, there were smiles... there were will be some smiles... there will be some tears. So I am just excited to see what they're writing up for us."
Tears, smiles, and Clay Jensen. We're ready.

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