At Long Last, We Now Know What Kylie Jenner's Real Hair Looks Like

Snapchat has left us with no shortage of Kylie Jenner hairstyles to admire, but one thing we haven't seen much of is her natural hair. That's why we were surprised to notice her snapping away at her undyed, barely styled locks on Friday. The brown strands are pulled into a messy bun, and long bangs frame her face. "My hair is just so crazy," she says in the video. But we love the just-woke-up-like this look.
This isn't the first time we've seen bangs on Kylie. She showed up to the 2015 VMAs showing off a new set, and who could forget the adorable bangs she sported as a kid back in 2009? But since she hasn't had them in a while, People speculates that the shorter pieces covering the top of Kylie's head right now are baby hairs. Kim used to have these herself and regrets getting them laser-removed, she wrote on her website: "I thought I looked better without the baby hairs, but now I miss them. I think they look youthful! So ladies, you can always laser your hairline, but I miss mine."
Here's what Kylie's hair looks like without any additions (except a few dog ears).
Here's another look.

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Kylie told Elle in an interview published last month that the neon hair she wore at Coachella was the product of wigs (as if we didn't already know that). "She would have no hair otherwise," Kendall joked. We now know that was an exaggeration, but we get what she means: Kylie is always switching up her hair. "I need to try and find a hair color that I haven't done before," she said. "There's not much left, but I'm committed to finding new options."
She also revealed that her natural hair is shoulder-length like Kendall's, and the sisters do resemble each other more than ever without Kylie's hair done up.


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We love the understated style, but that doesn't make us less excited to see what wild color or cut she comes up with next.
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