Watermelon & Taco Seasoning Is A Recipe For Driving The Internet Crazy

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Social media has encouraged many to expand their palates because it can be fun to try new food combinations just for the sake of posting the results to Instagram or YouTube. It turns out it's even more entertaining when the social media is used to turn against foods that look like a truly terrible idea. That's why a video of Food Network chef James Briscione putting taco seasoning on watermelon cubes has gone viral.
"OK, I'm sorry but I guarantee this is the worst video you will see today," Twitter user @earley wrote last Sunday, posting a clip of Briscione demonstrating his recipe on his show Man Crafted. He cuts the watermelon into perfect rectangles, sticks them with skewers and then says: "Season your watermelon with salt and then finish with a little taco seasoning."
Anyone who's worked in media — scratch that, anyone who's ever visited a website can recognize this clip as a bit of integrated marketing, paid for by McCormick Seasoning. It's a necessary evil that pays for, well, all content these days, now that you can skip TV ads. There's also a traditional Mexican origin for this recipe, sprinkling chili powder on watermelon. McCormick taco seasoning contains chili powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, onion, garlic powder, whey, salt, potato starch, and natural flavor, according to the company's website. But even without trying to see what this may taste like, the internet was ready to fire its snark at Briscione's idea.
"I am so stressed. It was all going so well," Sam replied to the initial tweet, which has been retweeted more than 6,000 times.
"Salt is good with watermelon; a salad of lightly salted melon cubes tossed with feta is divine. This, however, if a fucking abomination," wrote Jack Feerick.
"File under: Men adding unnecessary things to make good things terrible to assert masculinity," Terra said.
Briscione stands by his creation, though. When Texas radio host Coco on the Radio tweeted to him that she was going to try it on the air, he replied, "Do delicious and savory! You're going to love it."
If any brave soul reading this wants to try it and report back to us, we're here for you.
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