Gordon Ramsay Gives His Blessing To Husband-To-Be Who Can Actually Cook

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.
Gordon Ramsey minces garlic, not words. On his smashingly successful TV shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, he brutally destroys poorly-cooked food with beautifully expletive-laden insults that seem like they were written in advance. Chef Ramsay has 16 Michelin stars under his belt and he refuses to abide by unappetizing sushi laced with Doritos. The man knows food. On his Twitter account (which is a must-follow), he replies to people tweeting at him pictures of their, uh, culinary masterpieces with the derision we’ve come to love.
However, the master chef is able to bestow praise when it is earned. In this case, Bridgett Luttenbacher tweeted a photo of her fiancé’s skillet-cooked pork loin, with lemon halves and a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary. He responded with a simple “Marry him….”, which as close as he will ever come to kissing his fingers at amateur cooking.
His reply immediately went viral, because a compliment from him is rarer than a white truffle. But the compliment is entirely warranted! Even for an amateur home chef, the pork loin does look delicious. It appears to be delicately pan-fried in the lemon juice, and we can practically smell the rosemary from here. And maybe it will lead to a more egalitarian marriage! A recent 2013 study found an increase of 14% in men cooking in the home since 1993.
Bridgett tells the Metro UK that they never expected to receive a compliment from Gordon Ramsay. Her betrothed is a landscaper but enjoys cooking at home, and she uses Instagram to show off her husband’s creations. Having a seal of approval from the MasterChef himself will doubt infuse her fiancé with some old-fashioned chef’s arrogance, but in this case it is most definitely deserved. No word on whether he will cater his own wedding. In the meanwhile, can he cook dinner for us sometime?
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