Blink & You'll Miss Harry Styles In The Trailer For This Summer Movie

Harry Styles is in the new Christopher Nolan movie Dunkirk, but he's not easy to spot in the film's latest trailer. Like, really not easy at all. Blink and you may actually miss Styles making his film debut in the World War II thriller.
Styles plays a soldier in the film, out July 21, which focuses on the British evacuation of the French city of Dunkirk during WWII. In this over two-minute clip, Styles pops up just a few times, but with so many quick cuts, it's hard to spot him. Don't worry, we're here to help you get your Styles fix, like a more boy band-filled version of Where's Waldo?
Skip ahead to the 1:57 mark and you'll see a life jacket-wearing Styles sitting on the beach looking rather despondent. Can't blame him really, since this movie makes it clear war is hell. Especially during this battle, which went by the codename Operation Dynamo. After 400,000 Allied soldiers are left stranded on the beach, they had to call in civilian boats to help them get home before being gunned-down by the Germans.
The only other time you'll catch an additional glimpse of Styles in this trailer is at the 2:09 mark, when he seems to be on the verge of drowning or being squished between two ships. Swim, Harry, swim! No spoilers here, but it's worth asking if this harrowing scene featuring Styles is the key to why shots of the One Direction actor aren't so prevalent in the movie's teaser. You have to admit, things aren't looking good for Styles here. It's possible Styles' debut is a rather small, but important one.
The first trailer for Dunkirk, released back in December, did feature a couple of additional shots of the singer looking worried. It also features a different underwater shot, which isn't quelling our fears. Basically, both of these trailers leave us with more questions than answers and a lot of concerns. So many concerns.
Luckily, Styles will spend a whole week at The Late Late Show hanging out with James Corden starting May 15. Hopefully, the host won't only talk with him about his self-titled debut, out May 12, but will make some time to chat about his new movie. Specifically, if we should be buying tissues before heading to the theater this summer.

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