Blue Prosecco Is Here To Sip Under The Summer Sky

Summertime calls for long afternoons spent sitting outside under a blue sky with a group of good friends or perhaps a wonderful book. Whether you're alone or socializing, a tasty cocktail in hand doesn't hurt either. If you're someone who likes to keep everything on theme, we just discovered the perfect drink for those days spent laying under the indigo sky of summer. It's called Blumond, and it's bright blue Prosecco.
Marie Claire alerted us to the existence of this blue Prosecco, and it reported that the drink comes from an Italian wine company called Fratelli Saraceni. Blumond isn't strictly wine, however. It's a mix of sparkling wine, blue curaçao, and peach, so it's fruity, a bit sweet, bubbly, and best of all, blue.
Blumond is just one of the many Instagram-worthy wines out right now. We're always looking for a cute bottle of rosé to snap a photo of, and we've been patiently waiting for that much buzzed about blue wine Gik to be released in America for almost a year. Also, just last week, we heard about Popaball powder that turns your Prosecco iridescent. So, the next step would be for us to add that golden glimmer to our Blumond, right?
You can order a 750 milliliter bottle of Blumond for $21.78 each from the Saraceni Wines website. Or you can get a pack of Blumond Babies, which are small and easy to take to your picnic in the park or carry with your book outside to the hammock. Browse through the Blumond hashtag #LiveInBlue to see how others are getting outside with their blue wine. It's all the summer inspo you'll ever need.
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