Alert: Jason Momoa Is Salt Bae

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
Jason Momoa is a strong guy. You can tell from the characters he's been cast to play: from a hunky Baywatch lifeguard, to a Game of Thrones warlord, to a legit underwater superhero in the upcoming Aquaman film that Momoa is a man of great brawn bravado.
But did you know in addition to his impressive workout abilities and penchant for larger-than-life characters that he is also the new #SaltBae? Yes, even the great man-bunned Momoa stays up to date on viral Internet memes. In a new video uploaded on his Instagram, the actor and father of three gently sprinkles "unicorn dust" on a "fat butt" (a nickname for an large green blob on his rock climbing wall) before gearing up and attempting to scale the wall.
He perfectly replicated the iconic #SaltBae move, from the arm positioning to the serious facial expression. But afterwards, he's all business as he grunts and hollers while climbing up the wall. From the noises he makes (and there are a lot), it's obvious that this is no easy feat, regardless of the fact that it looks like he is barely two feet off the ground.
We can only hope that after seeing nearly 2 million people are interested in watching him sprinkle unicorn dust on a green plastic, he will continue his #SaltBae impersonations. We could watch them all day.

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