This All-Women Sketch Show Proves Who Really Runs The World

Photo: Courtesy of CBC
If the existence of maple syrup and Degrassi prove anything, it's that the best things come from Canada. Now, The Hollywood Reporter states that America's northern neighbor is gifting IFC something that is fabulously funny — and fabulously female. IFC has acquired Baroness von Sketch Show, a series that originated on CBC in Canada. The sketch show is unique that it features exclusively funny ladies — because, as everyone should know by now, hilarious women are not exactly a rarity.
According to THR, the series — which has already aired two 13-episode seasons — will debut this summer on IFC. Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen are writers and performers on the half-hour sketch comedy show, which tackles everything from politics to bachelorette parties with a satirical slant.
In one sketch, the women — newly in charge of the world after taking it back from the men in power — host a minutes-long World Summit. "Can you believe this Summit used to take days?," remarks one confused female politician. No one at the roundtable can fathom it, because these days, the women prefer to just "talk things out." (And, in particularly hostile situations, write things down, sleep on it, and then hash things out with a fresh, clear mind. How civil!)
The Baroness von Sketch Show is just one example of women crushing it in comedy — and doing so by speaking on subjects that directly connect to women. Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer also satirized issues that plague women, from Hollywood's sexist casting in Schumer's "Last Fuckable Day" sketch to the eyeroll-worthy pop songs (that are, of course, sung by men) that declare women "don't need makeup" in a music video parody aptly titled "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup." Saturday Night Live has also succeeded at bucking mansplaining in their hilarious "A Sketch For The Women," as well as calling out "faux-feminist" guys who use pro-women rhetoric as an attempt to get some action in "Girl At A Bar."
While there are already plenty of female comedians making amazing, laugh-til-you-cry stuff, there's something kind of wonderful about a sketch show that allows women to have total control over the hilarity from the get-go. I can't wait to watch these girls run the world.

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