The Celebrities You Forgot Used To Be BFFs

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.
In the relationship kingdom, friend breakups are the most awkward beast to tackle. It’s not as simple as texting, “We need to talk,” eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and then hitting the bars when you’re feeling sufficiently yourself again. Also, without the romantic relationship’s key element of sexual attraction, there’s also less of a chance you’ll boomerang back to your ex-friend, or text them at 2 a.m. when it’s closing time at the bar and you’re lonely.
Usually, friend breakups lack the fireworks, tears, and catharsis of a romantic relationship’s end. Instead, they consist of subtle, discreet drifts: the simmering down of a text chain, no invitation to a birthday party.
But if you’re a celebrity, these feuds are thrust into the public eye. From scanning interview transcripts to reading song lyrics, there's proof of each phase of the friend breakup. Here, we compile the charred remains of the celeb friendships that once were.
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