The Internet Loves This Guy Who Surprised His GF With A Makeup Haul

When you've had one of those weeks where everything in the universe seems specifically designed to make life harder for you, it helps to have someone around to vent to. Maybe it's a best friend or parent who lets you cry on their shoulder or makes you laugh. Or maybe, it's a significant other who goes far and above the call of duty in order to win the Best Boyfriend award from the internet.
That was the case for teenager Devanne Tran, who confided in her boyfriend, Ben Nguyen, about her stressful school week. She probably just expected a back rub and an "I'm sorry, babe," but that's not what she got.
No, instead, Nguyen drove to Sephora and picked out a dope haul of products for his girlfriend. What, you ask? Too Faced’s Natural Love Eyeshadow Collection, Tarte’s Make Believe In Yourself: Eye & Cheek Palette, and Estee’s Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place foundation. Guy has good taste.
"When he showed it to me I literally screamed and hugged him,” Tran told Buzzfeed. "It did make me feel better because he knew how upset I was, so he did what he knew would make me happy even though it was expensive," she told the site. Then she posted the story to Twitter.
Predictably, people were quite jealous of the haul, but at the end of the day, it's important to remember that money can't buy love — only really nice things that make you temporarily forget about that huge assignment you failed to turn in.
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