A Mom Refused To Believe She Had The Wrong Number & The Texts Are HILARIOUS

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
This viral text chain tops all viral text chains. When a mom texted her daughter Jess to ask her to bring back some milk, turkey, and ham from the store, she apparently got the wrong number. But then, even after the 35-year-old man on the other side of the conversation showed her a pic of himself and his wife, she still refused to believe he wasn't Jess. What ensued was hilarious and a little disturbing.
First picked up by Someecards, the screenshots of the convo were posted by Imgur user velakskin, whose bio now says: "yup... I'm the 35 year old man from Wisconsin that isn't going to the store to buy jess's mom ham. #savejess #dadswithoutsandwiches #lunchmeet#wrongnumbergonewrong #mymomknowsmynumber#moviewithbrad."
It all started with a simple request: "Hunny please grab milk and lunch meet [sic] on your way home."
Little did she know that she wasn't typing to her kid Jess. After two insistences that she had the wrong number, she still refused to believe it. (We have to wonder: Has Jess pranked her like this before?) Then, came a threat: "Jess I need you to grab that or I am not taking you and Brad to the movies tonight."
The guy from Wisconsin decided to have a little fun at first. "What movie are we going to see?" he asked.
Looks like he had been waiting for the chance to troll someone like this for a long time. "I've always dreamt of the day [that] I could get a wrong number text just so I could mess with the other person," he texted. "Today was that day... And I have so many good ideas but they are all adult-oriented." Uh-oh.
The mom just kept asking if Jess had gone to the store yet.
"I am a 35-year-old man from Wisconsin. I swear. I could have messed with you so bad but since [there] is a child involved I just can't bring myself to do it," he said. He repeated: "You have the wrong number."
She replied: "Stop joking it isn't cute."
Then he texted her a pic of himself and his wife to further prove the point.
He even offered to let the mom talk to his wife and his 5-year-old son. "My other son is only 8 months. So he only knows how to say dada. And you aren't his dada."
The mom escalated it by calling Brad's mom (whoever Brad is) and making Jess do her sister's chores...and still didn't believe him.
"I am done with [your] games," she said. "I will see [you] in a few hours." Then, she canceled poor unsuspecting Jess' credit card.
Finally, he decided to take the trolling up a notch: "Well... I went to the store like you said and got turkey and milk. I didn't get ham because as I said earlier I don't like ham." Then, he sent her a pic of some delicious-looking breakfast food.
It continued... "Are you on drugs again?" the mom texted. "Lol. No. I've been clean since 2011," he responded. "I'm your fucking mother and this isn't funny. You were 11 in 2011 Jess??? We are having A LONG talk tonight." Oh, boy.
At that point, he asked the mom if she's trying to fuck with him. After she finally found Jess (sleeping at home), the mom exchanged some harsh words with the Wisconsin man.
"How someone married you is beyond me," she told him. He responded: "I told you plenty of times. What kind of parent doesn't know their own kids' number? Not my fault you are a dumb fuck."
Somehow, it got even worse...
We wish we could say it ended on a note of kumbaya and love and understanding?! But, um, no.

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