McDonald's Is Removing A Fan Favorite Drink & Twitter Is Mourning

Kids of the 90s, prepare to kiss one more technicolored piece of your childhood goodbye because McDonald's just made a decision that is upsetting Twitter. Fox59 News reported yesterday that the fast food chain plans to begin phasing out Hi-C Orange Lavaburst starting May 1. After July, all locations will stop offering the drink.
In a memo to McDonald's managers that was leaked on Reddit earlier this week, the company explained that it would soon be launching a new core beverage in partnership with Coca-Cola. The drink is called Sprite TropicBerry, and it will start being sold in July. The removal of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst from McDonald's soda fountain is surely meant to make room for the new proprietary beverage.
We understand that McDonald's had to get rid of something in order to launch a new beverage — only so many nozzles fit on a fountain machine — but Hi-C, a fan favorite, is causing something of an uproar. And taking away such a popular drink choice might make customers resistant to trying its replacement.
If you're currently crying bright-orange tears over the news of Hi-C Orange's impending disappearance, you are certainly not alone. People from all over have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on McDonalds' decision.
You can still buy Hi-C Orange Lavaburst in juice box form from Amazon, and other retailers, but let's face it, that's just not the same. Everyone knows that it's hard to beat the taste of a drink fresh out of a soda fountain. Plus, despite the fact that we, ahem, still sometimes drink the same juice, we're not kids anymore. We require way more Hi-C than the amount that comes in those tiny boxes. We'll just have to settle for ordering Hi-C juice boxes in bulk.
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