Chipotle Is Testing A Dessert To Go With Its Burritos

Chipotle has always supplied us with plenty of spice from tacos, bowls, and of course burritos, but what about the sweeter side of things? After downing beans, rice, and hot, hot salsa, it would be nice to finish our meal off with dessert. Chipotle gets it, and the chain recently announced that it will soon begin testing sweet menu items.
Yesterday, Chipotle revealed to BusinessInsider that it would begin trying out a Mexican dessert called buñuelos next month. That's pretty soon, but before we got too excited, we needed to know what this dessert is. According to Bon Appétit, a buñuelo is a fried dough disk — basically like a fried tortilla. It's generously coated in cinnamon and sugar and often served with a drizzle of syrup or honey. The chain says that its version of the dessert will be served with an apple caramel dipping sauce.
According to BusinessInsider, the buñuelos are only the third significant addition Chipotle has made to it's menu in 20 years. This addition comes after months of speculation since the chain announced it would soon be testing desserts in October. When Chipotle made that announcement last year, it mentioned there would two desserts, but the buñuelo is still the only one we've heard details about. Perhaps the chain is waiting to see how this one sells before releasing any info about the other. Our guess is that people will be eager to try out buñuelos after their meal, and some may even pop in just for a sweet treat because who doesn't love cinnamon and sugar?
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