This Baby Eating Fried Chicken For The Very First Time Is Everything

Photo: Getty Images.
Have you ever heard someone say, "That baby is so cute, I could just eat them up?" It’s weird, right? But we still totally get what people mean when they say it, and we’ve even been known to drop the phrase ourselves when we come across an adorable infant or even a just a photo of a dog wearing sunglasses. Still, the expression is confusing, and we just stumbled upon a picture of a little boy that has made "cute enough to eat" even more complicated. recently introduced us to an 8-month-old named Johnny, who at the beginning of the month posed for a deliciously adorable photo shoot.
Like us, Johnny loves to eat, so his parents decided to go with a food theme for his photo shoot with Mabank, Texas-based photographer Traci Lynn Fugitt. In the photos, little Johnny is wearing a miniature chef's hat and is sitting in a large soup pot that is surrounded by a few of his favorite foods. According to, the tyke is a big fan of bananas and peanut butter crackers, which is why these snacks were featured in the photos, but Johnny's dad, Juan Garcia, had the funny idea to include another food, fried chicken. Take a look:
The little boy's mother, Bianca Garza told that this was the first time he had ever tried fried chicken, which we guess makes sense seeing as he isn't even a year old yet. Apparently, though, Johnny was very into the brand new food, which also makes total sense. Garza said "When he was trying to eat the chicken he was smacking his lips." Okay, this is most certainly a child after our own hearts, or perhaps, we should say after our own stomachs. If we ever came across young Johnny IRL, it would be hard not to "just eat him right up," but we would settle for some of his fried chicken.

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