Channing Tatum Gave Male Celebrities Stripper Names & They're Hilarious

Channing Tatum is a national treasure. We knew that even before Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, and now Magic Mike Live! His latest foray into woke bae-dom is giving male celebrities stripper names as part of the promotional push for the live Vegas show.
All the heavy hitters have showed up. Steve Carrell, Justin Bieber, George Clooney, and many, many more. Even Jonah Hill gets a little love, adorable stripper that he'd be.
Tatum dubs Harry Styles "The English Muffin." Justin Bieber is now called, "The Tattooed Kid" should he ever take the pole. Jonah Hill, for his part, will now forever be known as "The Unicorn." That only makes sense. Tatum knows him best: The pair starred in 21 Jump Street together.
We should pause, for a moment, and appreciate the miracles that are the Magic Mike movies. Never has there been a franchise so attuned to women's desires. The second film is, in fact, entirely about finding out what women find sexy and then giving it to them. The number of films made about male desire are numerous and frankly boring. So it's kind of revolutionary to showcase a lot of shirtless men gyrating for women's amusement. Having been to screenings, I can tell you that it's like no other moviegoing experience I've ever had. Women stamped, cheered, and clapped for action happening on-screen. The appetite for these movies is intense. And, look, it's really good dancing. And they're legitimately funny! Great work all around.

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