Beyoncé Became A Meme For Doing Something You Do All The Time

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
When it comes to ordering at a restaurant, everyone has their own personal style. Some point at the menu and include a "please." Others ask the server, "What would you recommend?" And some just murmur their preferred meal and train their eyes on the tabletop.
Yesterday, though, the internet posed the very important question: How does Beyoncé order food at a restaurant? The icon shared a grainy image of herself pointing at a menu Wednesday, and the image was quickly repurposed as a meme, as Marie Claire points out. Because when you are presented an image of the most regal celebrity in what seems like an average Joe situation, you have to make a meme. Pretty sure that's written down in some unspoken internet constitution somewhere.
So, how does Beyoncé order food at a restaurant? According to the internet, she's Beyoncé, so everything should be free. Or, because she's the queen, she'll only be having ice water. (With some fried chicken for those growing twins, of course.) One pop culture-savvy Twitter user took the opportunity to reference the 2008 film The House Bunny.
The original photo was part of a series of images the 35-year-old shared on Instagram using the site's new multiple-photo feature. In the photos, Beyoncé sports a red dress and a growing belly, courtesy of those twins she told us about in February. Scroll through the post below to see the original image.

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The memes can't decide if Beyoncé is looking at a menu or a receipt — one meme suggests the conversation in the photo is about gratuity, which would imply that the queen is looking at a receipt. According to our calculations, Beyoncé is in the middle of ordering, not paying, because there's a clean plate in front of her. Nevertheless, receipt memes are just as funny as ordering memes.
Without further ado:
Is this how Beyoncé orders from a menu? Well, one of the many pitfalls of this life is that most of us will never know. (Unless, of course, you are that waiter/maitrê'd in the photo, in which case please reach out and let us know, ASAP.)

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