Lea Michele's Choice For Worst Glee Song Is Everyone's Choice For Worst Glee Song

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As someone who watched every damn episode of musical dramedy Glee, I have my fair share of favorite tunes. I also have the songs that I would rather erase from my memory entirely — which includes Lea Michele's choice for worst Glee song ever.
The actress — who, following her two-season stint on Ryan Murphy's bloody-fun Scream Queens, has a new album coming out — revealed on Watch What Happens Live that she definitely doesn't have this specific Glee track on her workout playlist. Or, you know, any playlist. In fact, she probably wishes she never recorded the song in the first place. (And girl, same.)
"I think the worst [Glee song] was the 'What Does The Fox Say?' song," Michele told host Andy Cohen, before going into the details of the ridiculousness of the track. "It was like an internet sensation song that we did with like, puppets. That was definitely my least favorite song we ever did."
As Cohen told Michele, creator Ryan Murphy also named a tune from a viral video as the worst song on Glee: His pick was "Gangnam Style."
Okay. Let's talk about "What Does The Fox Say?," because Michele is in no way exaggerating the terribleness of this performance. For one thing, the music video inexplicably cuts between both McKinley High and Rachel and Kurt's (Chris Colfer) apartment, where everyone has puppets. Everyone is also wearing animal noses, because sometimes Glee got so unbelievably extra.
Don't you want to hate-watch below? Of course you want to hate-watch below.
In all fairness to Glee, the show did last for 121 episodes — which, shockingly, included 728 music performances. Of course, it's really 727, if, like Michele, you can't really call "What Does The Fox Say?" an example of music.
Unsurprisingly, Michele listed the show's iconic cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (which they reprised multiple times during the course of the series) as one of her favorite numbers, along with Queen's "Somebody To Love." Fortunately, those still hold up — and I'd take 100 reprises of either in place of that viral garbage.

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