Actor Who Plays Jaime Lannister Is So Down To Kill Cersei

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Game of Thrones is a show about who lives as much as it is a show about who dies. In fact, many of our favorite characters have met their demise over the course of the first six seasons of the HBO series (with over 100 deaths, the showrunners don't mess around). And with the new season approaching (July! Eek) we're ready to start brainstorming and theorizing who will be the next character we add to our long list of the fallen. Among them is none other than Cersei Lannister. We've written about the idea that Cersei will be killed at the hands of a few different characters, but now we have some reinforcement by one of the show's actors that one theory could be The One.
In an interview with Harper's Bazaar promoting his new film at SXSW, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau offers his feedback on one of the most maniacal theories on the Internet: that his character, Jaime Lannister — younger brother and lover of Cersei — will be the one to wield a sword (maybe this exact sword even) and end his soulmate's life. (In addition to Jaime being upset with Cersei for being responsible for the death of their children, her being killed by one of her younger brothers does fulfill a prophecy we've heard before, too.)
"I heard that theory, and it absolutely makes sense," he told the site. "It would be a perfect little nod." While this sounds like confirmation, it doesn't last for long, as he follows up his response with: "But who knows? You'll have to watch the show. It's a good theory. I always thought maybe it's too neat, but who knows."
You know who knows? George R.R. Martin knows. And we need him to spill — stat.

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