You Can Now Eat "Green Juice" Gummy Bears

Photo: Getty Images
If you’ve been debating whether or not to partake in a cleanse — but would kind of rather tear through a bag of gummies instead — this is for you.
Confectioner Sugarfina partnered with Pressed Juicery for a healthy take on gummy bears. According to Delish, the collaboration spawned from a hoax last year. The company announced its new “Gummy Bear Cleanse” as an April Fool’s joke. However, after several customers didn’t get the memo and contacted the brand, desperate for the “candy cleanse,” they decided to bring the real deal to life.
The green-colored bears are made from a blend of spinach, lemon, apple, and ginger concentrate. Instead of using fake food-coloring techniques like the regular treats we adore, these gummies get their green color from spirulina and turmeric.
"We loved the idea of gummy bears inspired by the juice trend, but we had no idea it would be so in demand," said Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick co-founders of Sugarfina. "We called up our L.A. neighbor Pressed Juicery and had a ton of fun collaborating with them on the recipe."
Hayden Slater, the co-founder and CEO of Pressed Juicery, was all over the idea."We're serious about what we do, but we don't take ourselves too seriously," he said to Delish.
Best of all? The bears are also fat-free, glutenless, and include 20 percent of our daily intake of vitamins A and C. While it’s not quite the gummy bear cleanse we’ve always dreamed of, it’s a much healthier option than that store-bought brands of gummy bears we usually opt for.
The bottled-up bears were released Tuesday, both online and in stores, ranging in price from $3 to $14. Get the small bears and sprinkle them on ice cream or get the larger “Mama Bears” and treat yo self.
Did we mention Sugarfina is also the company that brought us those yummy rosé-infused gummies?