Andy Cohen Can't Stop Comparing Donald Trump To A Real Housewife

Andy Cohen is back at it again with the comparisons between Donald Trump and the Real Housewives.
Cohen tweeted that Trump is using the Real Housewives playbook in manipulating the media. He's done this before, chiding Trump for trying to incite drama to stay on the show. This time, he's essentially calling Donald Trump a messy boy that loves drama.
It's not like Trump doesn't know the Housewives; he apparently briefly dated Kim Richards of Beverly Hills.
Also, we briefly have to note about Trump's tweet: Wisconsin isn't a border state. Well, it's a border state in that it shares borders with other states. But it doesn't border Canada, which is probably what he means? If he knows what he means, that is. We would say something about how it's disturbing that Trump knows less than fifth graders who pay attention during the map portion of class, but we've crossed that bridge a long time ago. Instead, let's all just bask in the majesty of Cohen's burn.

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