Separating Fact & Fiction In Girlboss

Karen Ballard/Netflix
You know how the Nasty Gal origin story goes. An anarchist starts a vintage clothing store on eBay, finds herself at the helm of massive empire, and then, the much-hyped empire goes bankrupt. With Girlboss, the Netflix show based on Sophia Amoruso’s rag-to-riches story, we get one more drop in the Nasty Gal Mythology bucket.
But not so fast. At the start of each episode flashes the intriguing disclaimer, “What follows is a loose retelling of true events.” But how are we to interpret the word "loose"? By that we mean, how much of what happened to the show's protagonist, Sophia Marlowe (Britt Roberts0n), actually happened to Sophia Amoruso?
Luckily, we have Amoruso’s own account in her memoir, #Girlboss, for fact-checking. Which of Sophia Marlowe's story lines are spun from thin air, to satisfy the gods of plot, rising action, and climax? Which details of Marlowe's life are elaborated from nuggets of truth from Amoruso's? And which are just...real?
For starters, pretty much everything about the stealing is 100% true. Here we break down what happens after that.

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