Reese Witherspoon Is Giving Us More Hope For A Big Little Lies Season 2

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Could Big Little Lies really receive a season 2? Star Reese Witherspoon told E! News she's working on it.
HBO may be best known for epic TV dramas like Westworld and Game Of Thrones, but it proved with the success of Big Little Lies that it knows how to craft a smaller story just as brilliantly. The seven-episode series, based on Liane Moriarty's novel of the same name, had fans itching for the reveal of the show's murder victim, but knowing who's dead didn't satisfy every fan. Plenty of people are hoping HBO greenlights another series, with the same star-studded cast — including Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, and Laura Dern — along for the ride.
E! News caught up with Witherspoon to ask about the possibility of that happening, and the Legally Blonde star revealed she's just as excited to talk about season 2 as fans are.
"Nicole [Kidman] and I just spoke [about doing a season 2] three days ago," Witherspoon told E! News. "We're talking to Liane Moriarty, who wrote the book, about how could these characters go on, what would happen? We definitely left it open-ended so there's a possibility there."
Though the women of Monterey, California technically got away with murder (or, rather, manslaughter, depending on how you're trying the case) the show's Detective Adrienne Quinlan (Merrin Dungey) seemed seriously suspicious of the newly bonded ladies. Should the series receive a season 2, they may actually have to deal with the law — which could land the women in hot water and possibly pit them against one another. (Though I really, really hope the series doesn't do that.)
In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, author of the original novel Moriarty revealed that she's already been approached by HBO to come up with some scenarios for how a season 2 could play out. While she won't pen the novel's sequel, she may come up with a "new story" that could serve the show's sophomore season.
"The producers have asked me to see if I can come up with some ideas. I wouldn't write a new book but perhaps a new story and then we'll see what happens...I'm absolutely open to it because, once I started thinking, it was too much fun to see what I could do and to see these characters again. And there's definitely places you can go."
The show's major players are here for a season 2 — and fans will be sure to follow them.

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