The Big Little Lies Opening Credits Had A Clue About The Ending This Whole Time

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Big Little Lies' explosive Sunday night finale was as surprising as it was satisfying. For seven episodes we've followed the women of Monterey, California in the hopes of getting to the bottom of a series of mysteries. However, as a Reddit thread is quickly pointing out, we could have figured out the answers a lot faster had we just paid closer attention to the opening credits (warning: spoilers ahead).
"Okay, so," the first post begins. "In the opening credits they show all the kids dancing in front of the camera. However, all season I noticed that they excluded one of the twins from this."
It does seem kind of odd than in a sequence explicitly meant to introduce the characters of the show, a crucial one is left out, especially considering we learn in the finale that Amabella's aggressive bully was one of the twins. However, Reddit user SoFullofDoubts thinks it may have been for a reason.
"I thought it was just a cut to save time or something until the reveal of Max as the bully tonight," they continued. "Now I realize they excluded Max from the opening credits as a small clue to the audience which child was doing the bullying! So cool."
People quickly added to the thread with other (big) little details they noticed in the sequence.
"I noticed this too, but in a diff way," another fan added. "One of the twins is behind Amabella, but he's blurred out and they never focus on him."
And others even think the opening credits foreshadow the murder that's revealed in the finale.
"The line of Audrey Hepburns at the end was a clue to the killer's identity," user RegularRoman wrote. "Bonnie is first, and all the other women are behind her. In a sense, they literally have Bonnie's back."
"I did wonder why Bonnie was first since she probably had the smallest role throughout the series out of the women," some else added. "Until the end of course."
Whether these coincidences were intentional or not, they are a huge part of what made the show so special to the viewers. It was a short but dense story that was so expertly told, we wouldn't be surprised if the creators really did weave hints and symbolism through the earlier episodes. I guess that means we have to watch it all again to find out.
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