The Rock Compliments A Student Project That Compared Him To An Actual Rock

When you think about it, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't so dissimilar to an actual rock. And those similarities were hilariously highlighted by this fifth grader's class project. The chart went viral after redditor Marley_S posted it to the site and explained that one of their students made it without looking for a grade or class credit. The student correctly identifies that The Rock is living and a rock is non-living. And they also pointed out that both The Rock and a rock are super strong, bald, and indestructible.
Sounds legit to us.
Better still, The Rock noticed the chart and posted it himself with some big ups for the kid's big brain. He also points out that he himself was suspended for flipping someone the bird in his fifth grade classroom, so he was already cussing at an extremely advanced level. A precocious child if ever there was one!
Check out The Rock's tweets below. We've reached out to an actual rock for comment, but haven't heard anything back just yet.

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