Katherine Heigl Looks A Lot Like Ivanka Trump In Her New Movie & Twitter Can't Handle It

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If you've seen the trailer for Katherine Heigl's new movie, Unforgettable, you know that she plays a divorced woman who just doesn't want to let her ex-husband marry Rosario Dawson. But, some on Twitter have also pointed out that Heigl could be playing a certain first daughter.
With that icy blond hair and perfectly tailored wardrobe, it is hard to deny that Heigl looks a lot like Ivanka Trump in the new movie. "Katherine Heigl gives the performance of her life as Ivanka Trump in 'Why Did Rosario Dawson Steal My White Husband,'" Vulture's Kyle Buchanan tweeted.
He wasn't the only one, though, who couldn't help but point out the resemblance. One person on Twitter even wondered if it was on purpose: "Is it just me, or did the folks behind UNFORGETTABLE make up Katherine Heigl to look like Ivanka Trump?"
"Wow @Un4gettablefilm features Katherine Heigl doing her best Ivanka Trump drag," another person wrote. "The role she was born to play."
For some people the similarities was so uncanny it was impossible to ignore. "In the preview for the new Katherine Heigl movie," someone else wrote, "all I see is Ivanka Trump."
Others couldn't help but find Heigl's suspiciously familiar look funny. "@GetOutMovie was AMAZING," one person wrote. "Scariest part was Katherine Heigl dressed as @IvankaTrump in trailer for ironically named film 'Unforgettable'"
While some even started throwing out some convincing theories about this whole doppelgänger situation. "FACT: Katherine Heigl and Ivanka Trump have never been seen in the same room," a user wrote, throwing in the hashtag #isKatherineHeiglIvankaTrump for good measure. The truth is still out there, people.
It's probably no surprise to hear that this isn't the first time Heigl has been compared to Ivanka. Last year, the Daily Beast picked Heigl as the actress who would be perfect to play Ivanka in a Donald Trump movie citing their "physical resemblance." Who did they cast to play Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner, in this fake movie? Josh Groban.

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