You Have To Be REALLY Flexible To Pull Off This Type Of Marriage Proposal

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We've seen our fair share of creative marriage proposals, but this one — in which a guy asked his girlfriend to marry him while she was mid-air doing an acroyoga pose — checks so many #goals boxes that we're just plain awestruck. Couple goals? Check. Fitness goals? Check. Spirituality goals? CHECK. Travel goals? Oh, god, check. We just want to be this couple, okay?!
Alec Horan and Steph Gardner had been dating and practicing yoga together for two years, taking photos in all sorts of poses that it would take most of us many more years of ClassPass-hopping to be able to do. He had been planning the proposal for months.
"I planned a trip to Hawaii this March, and also had the ring custom-made, it was all planned out," Horan told The Daily Mail.
During their 10-day vacation in Oahu, Hawaii, the Pennsylvania couple did a lot of beaching and yoga-ing, as one does. Right before the proposal, Horan and Gardner were in a pose in which he had his legs up in the air, holding her up as she fell backwards. She looked back at him upside-down and he popped the question right then, while balancing her. They even kissed mid-air and she somersaulted back gracefully.
See the video below:
This is a moment when I would most definitely either fall on the guy or awkwardly tumble to the side, getting my butt all sandy — not to mention that I would have major difficulty getting into the pose itself. I am a person who has actually fallen on people while attempting headstands in yoga class. But Gardner didn't even wobble.
After she "stuck the landing," he proposed in a more traditional way — on one knee. They had a professional photographer on hand for the whole event, which Gardner didn't find weird because they're yogis who like to film themselves.
"I had been sitting on the ring for about four months. I felt like Gollum from Lord of the Rings," Horan told Inside Edition. "I was nervous for the whole 10 days in Hawaii."
They were both overcome with emotion.
"She didn't expect it," said Horan. "It was a complete surprise to her. Steph's emotional reaction was amazing. Heck, even I teared up, too. It was the happiest day of my life. I'm going to marry my best friend."
I'm going to go renew my yoga-studio membership now.

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