Ed Sheeran Blames Saoirse Ronan For His Misspelled Tattoo

Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images.
If you're planning to get a tattoo that includes words, it's reasonable to fear that something might be misspelled. That's especially true if you're getting a tattoo in another language — remember Hayden Panettiere's "live without regrets" tattoo disaster? The Nashville star is in good company, though — Ed Sheeran just revealed his own tattoo mishap.
Sheeran revealed at a concert on Sunday that his newest ink has a hilarious misspelling, and it's all thanks to Saoirse Ronan. The Brooklyn actress was involved with the "Galway Girl" video filming last week. And while it hasn't been revealed yet, many fans believe she'll be playing Sheeran's love interest when the music video is released.
At the concert in Glasgow, Sheeran told the crowd that he wanted to get a tattoo of the words "Galway Girl" in Ronan's handwriting, in honor of her role in the video. But Ronan pulled a hilarious prank on the "Shape of You" singer — instead of "Galway Girl," she managed to get him inked with the phrase "Galway Grill."
"When we were filming it, I meant to get a tattoo of her handwriting saying 'Galway Girl,'" Sheeran said at the concert. "It actually says Galway Grill."
Luckily, Sheeran has dozens of tattoos, so the mistake won't be as obvious. Still, it's a good reminder that if you're letting a friend choose your tattoo, make sure you see the stencil first. That way, you can avoid any potential surprises before it's too late.
On the plus side, though, the misspelled tattoo will always be a testament to Sheeran and Ronan's friendship. And it sounds like he's totally cool with it, too — he told the crowd that the joke was "the kind of thing that I would do."
At least they have an inside joke to go along with it. That's a lot better than being stuck with a "no ragrets" tat.

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