This Redditor Proves Wine Decanting Works For Beauty Products, Too

Photo: Getty Images.
Makeup is fun for decorating your face, so why not also display it in your home? That's what Redditor tryshapepper decided to do with the help of a lovely blue glass antique bowl.
They suspect the container used to be a powder puff holder or candy dish. Either way, it now makes a great receptacle for storing loose powder. Since it's bigger than the containers powder usually comes in, you can dip a brush or beauty blender in it and wipe it on the side without worrying about spilling. The OP used it to store E.L.F. powder — likely its High Definition Undereye Setting Powder, as Allure reports.
Tryshapper admits the appearance is a little suspicious. "Now it looks like Scarface lives here," they joked. One commenter added, "Say hello to my little blender." But if you can get past that, it's a neat decoration for a dresser or counter. And it looks like it'd make brushing on your base feel totally luxurious.
As other commenters pointed out, you can decant just about any makeup into a pretty bowl, cup, or bottle to make your bedroom or bathroom look classier. "I am really obsessed with decanting anything and everything into fancy/unique containers," Redwoodstalktome chimed in. "My mom has a massive collection of pink iridescent glass, and now I'm thinking I need to 'borrow' the candy dish from the set and give my airspun powder a new home."
Totallyaverageperson came up with an equally clever idea: They emptied mouthwash into what looks like an old olive oil bottle.
Some makeup products already come in gorgeous packaging. But a lot of the best ones look pretty unappealing from the outside. Decanting makeup sounds like an incredibly fun way to beautify the places where we store it — and, in the case of loose powder, make applying it much easier.