Internet Goes Nuts After This Guy Played Future's "Mask Off" In Church On Easter

We all already know that flute memes based on Future's "Mask Off" have taken over Twitter. You know the type of video. Someone's playing a flute and then Future comes in and all bets are off. Now there's a new twist on the meme that may breathe new life into something that seemed to have run its course.
That twist is that a dude played "Mask Off" in secret on a church organ and it's kind of the best thing ever. Not only that, but he did so on Easter, so you know this was a well-attended sermon. Twitter user @_HelloLoLo posted the video, which seems innocuous enough unless you know what's going on. Once you do know, however, you wonder how church didn't immediately transition into becoming the club.
Watch here.
Response was such that she posted a video of the making of the song.
The exercise is apparently part of the #maskoffchallenge, a viral meme in which people play "Mask Off" in unexpected situations. Usually, that takes a violin and an enterprising spirit. We give huge props for using a church organ in the midst of an Easter service.

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