This Is How Much Money We Spend On Dating

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
If your coupled-up friends seem smug, it's probably because they're saving some major cash. Hello Giggles reports that being single may be fabulous and fun, but it's also costing people a big chunk of change.
Consider this: not only do dates include things like food and entertainment, which can add up, but throw in hair appointments, dating app subscriptions, and clothes, and your wallet takes an even bigger hit.
Singles In America 2017, a survey, found that single people spend about $1,596 every year on dating and dating-related services. That's an average, too, so people living in major metropolitan areas can tack on a few more bucks. In Washington, D.C., that number rises to $1,788 and for New York City the figure skyrockets upwards of $2,069.
Those costs include the aforementioned dinners and drinks as well as pre-date prep, such as manicures and blowouts. The survey, which looked at 5,500 users, broke it down to about $80 per date at about 20 dates per year.
The survey also looked at what men spend vs. what women do. On average, men spend $1,855 compared to women's $1,423. That might be due to another interesting tidbit. The survey found that more than half of men think that they should pay on a first date. Only 36% of women hold the same belief. When it comes to splitting the check, 78% women say they would prefer to do just that. While some women say they think it's just fair to share date costs, others said paying removes any obligation for, ahem, physical reciprocation.
However, the survey didn't look into what sort of dates these couples went on. Considering hot air balloon tours over wine country cost a bit more than movie and a slice of pizza, the data may need to be a little more specific. After all, there are plenty of things to do that don't cost $80.

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