I Never Want To Hear Ariel Winter Do Her Baby Voice Again

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This moment will henceforth be known as the last time you had never heard Ariel Winter's creepy baby voice. It's all downhill from here. The 19-year-old sitcom actress, who stars in the movie Smurfs: The Lost Village as the voice of SmurfLily, appeared on Conan on Thursday to talk about the role and to debut the voice that freaks out everyone in her life.
In this particular movie, Winter just uses her normal voice for the character, but she tells Conan that in previous animated films that hasn't always been the case.
"I'm so used to doing weird voices," she tells the host.
"Oh you do weird voices?" he replies. "What kinds of weird voices do you do?"
The big one, she tells him, is her baby voice. She's never used it in a role, but it's something she does for fun from time-to-time.
"I make this baby voice that really freaks out my friends and my boyfriend all the time," she reveals. "It's kind of fun for me to make them super uncomfortable."
And believe you me, it will make you uncomfortable.
"That would be traumatic [to hear]!" Conan exclaims after the actress slips into the voice for the audience. "Please don't bust that out too often."
When she's not freaking people out with her funny voices or starring on shows like Modern Family, Winter is busy fighting the good fight for body positivity.
"There's been such a focus on women and their bodies and what they wear, and so much less of a focus on our minds and how we feel and our opinions on things," she remarks in an essay for Refinery29. "I think now women are mainly used as dolls that people like to dress up, but that they don't really like to hear from. We spend so much time on websites talking about women's dresses at awards shows, and that's all people see — that's all they learn to talk about. I know it's harder to get the media to change, but I think it's really important to talk more about women's issues than about our dresses."
She's kind of a master of fighting away her own body-shaming trolls, and now, she's loud and proud about her body. Her baby voice, however...I'd be totally okay never hearing that again. Watch below, if you dare!

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