You're Going To Want To Try This Adult Take On Doritos

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? Paqui Tortilla Chips. Basically tortilla chips that really remind us of gourmet-ified Doritos. And because of their magical nostalgic snacking quality, they've become legendary amongst our Food team. We refer to them simply as Paqui. "Hey, pass the Paqui!" or "Hey, are you gonna pop open some Paqui?" are just a few phrases that can be overheard throughout our workdays. And once those bags are opened, all bets are off on resealing them for later (with Paqui there is no later, there is only now). At this point you may be wondering, can a bag of flavored tortilla chips really be this epic? The answer is yes, yes they can.
Let's break into why and how, starting with smell, taste, and texture. Upon opening the bag, we were hit with a distinctly seasoned scent (reminiscent of a certain Cool Ranch). The chip itself appeared to be your run-of-the-mill-tortilla: thin, jagged, and medium-sized triangles. The texture was thin and crisp, just as the chip appeared. And the taste? Garlicky, salty, zesty, with a touch of crisp sour creaminess — in short, freaking amazing. It tasted just as if we were eating a Dorito, but with a touch more spice (and limey-salsa authenticity). On top of taste and texture, Paqui are certified non-GMO, gluten-free, and use only natural ingredients — that means no artificial flavors or preservatives.
And if you're not into Cool Salsa Verde-flavored things, let's talk — OR you can just check out the other flavor-blasted bag offerings: Wild Wild Ranch, Nacho Cheese Especial, Roasted Jalapeño, Grilled Habanero, Haunted Ghost Pepper, and Sea Salt Delights. These killer chips will cost you $3.99 per bag and you can scoop them in bulk up online (seriously, you're going to want to place a bulk order.)
*Hot Tip: Dunk these bad boys in some queso if you're looking to really get the nacho party started.
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