You Need To See The Trailer For This Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L. Jackson Movie

We haven't had a truly great buddy cop movie in quite some time. The Other Guys was pretty good, but didn't have staying power like Midnight Run or even Lethal Weapon. Don't even talk to me about The Nice Guys. That was a bomb. Also, what's with all the movies with "Guys" in the title? How about The Nice Girls? The Heat was good.
But we digress! That may be all about to change if the trailer for comedy-thriller The Hitman’s Bodyguard is any indication. The movie follows Ryan Reynolds as a bodyguard who must protect his mortal enemy, a hitman played by Samuel L. Jackson. It's sort of like if the fable of the scorpion and the frog were made into a movie, but with more swears and explosions. In other words: great.
Jackson and Reynolds have to travel from England to the Hague, encountering a series of car chases, boat chases, and just chases in general along the way. Oh, and Gary Oldman plays a dictator that wants to off them. Like we said, this looks good.
Reynolds has improbably turned into the charming rogue that Hollywood always wanted him to be, and Jackson is such a joy to watch in good parts that you almost forget about some of the dross that he's involved himself in of late.
Watch it below. But be warned: There are swears in the trailer.

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