Sienna Miller Addresses Those Brad Pitt Dating Rumors

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Todd Williamson/Getty Images.
Sienna Miller has no time for your bullshit dating rumors. At a Cinema Society screening of her new film The Lost City of Z in New York this week, the actress didn't mince words brushing off the gossip that she has been flirting with or dating Brad Pitt.
"I’m not going to even dignify it with a response," Miller told Page Six said of the rumor at the screening on Tuesday night. "It’s predictable and silly," she added, setting the record straight.
That sounds like the perfect pair of terms to describe baseless rumors about celebrities' personal lives. Predictable, because this kind of speculation reliably springs up whenever two famous actors are so much as seen eating dinner together, as Pitt and Miller were this week. On Monday, Page Six reported that they were "heavily enjoying each other’s company" at a dinner event for the movies in Los Angeles. (E! News countered that story with a source saying that reports of of "serious flirting" were "exaggerated.") And silly because, well, that's a polite way to say it's stupid. Indeed,
While Pitt did not star alongside Miller in The Lost City of Z, his production company, Plan B Entertainment, produced the drama, based on the 2009 book of the same name. (Miller plays Nina Fawcett, wife of British explorer Percy Fawcett.) So, yes, the actors worked together on the set and are promoting the film together, as stars do.
Neither Pitt or Miller are strangers to their personal lives being tabloid fodder. Pitt, as we know, is going through a highly publicized breakup with Angelina Jolie. (Lately, he's been enjoying the single life by painting and jamming out. And Miller went through a much-scrutinized split from fellow Brit Jude Law. They've both been through the ringer when it comes to "predictable and silly" rumors — but that doesn't mean they're going to let them fly.
Foxcatcher director, Bennett Miller.

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