Your Favorite 13 Reasons Why Actor Just Dropped A New Single

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Dylan Minnette is a man of many talents.
The 13 Reasons Why star captured fans' hearts with his portrayal of Clay Jensen in the Netflix series. But acting isn't the 20-year-old's only skill — he also has some serious musical gifts.
Minnette plays guitar and sings vocals for Wallows, a band he formed with his friends Braeden Lemasters, Cole Presston, and Zack Mendenhall.
Wallows dropped its first single, "Pleaser," on Wednesday, and you can hear it on Soundcloud. It's also available to download for free on the band's website, as well as for purchase on iTunes.
And while the song is the first single for the new band, this isn't the foursome's first rodeo. The same group were formerly a band known as The Narwhals — and before that, their band was called The Feaver. Minnette sang, played guitar, and played the keyboard for The Narwhals. (Good luck finding much information about the band's former iterations, though — the Narwhals' Twitter account isn't active anymore, and neither is The Feaver's Facebook page.)
The Narwhals' music has a different feel than the new Wallows single:
Minnette shared the news about the new band on Twitter Wednesday, encouraging fans to stream "Pleaser" on Spotify and Apple Music. And his fellow bandmembers were just as excited to promote the song.
If the comments on social media and Soundcloud are any indication, Minnette's fans are loving the new single. "This is such a great song! love it," one person wrote on Soundcloud. "So good I'm listening to it right now!!!!" a fan wrote on Instagram. Other fans encouraged Wallows to perform concerts in their home cities — despite the fact that this is the band's first song. And, of course, plenty of people were happily surprised to learn that the man behind their favorite Netflix character is also a talented singer.
I'd like to think that even Tony, with his notoriously good taste in music, would like the track.

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