The Bachelor's Lace Talked About Her Breakup With Grant

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC
Things didn't work out for Lace Morris and Grant Kemp on Bachelor In Paradise — and Lace is perfectly fine with that, thank you very much. The reality star sat down with E! News and spilled about her breakup with Grant, and how her love life looks much different these days — something she's very grateful for.
It wasn't that long ago that Grant and Lace were getting their couple name — Grace! — tattooed on their wrists during the finale of Bachelor In Paradise. Alas, much like Grant's tat (he had it covered up with a rose) "Grace" was not meant to last forever. The couple split up in November of 2016 — a bummer for shippers who saw them promise to tie the knot on Bachelor In Paradise.
One person so not sorry about the breakup is Lace herself. In fact, she's pretty much over it. Lace, who is currently dating a man named Russell whom she met on the dating app Bumble, told E! News that the only thing left to do was deal with that ink — something that her new boyfriend isn't too keen on, for obvious reasons.
"I talked to Russell about and I think with time I think I'll definitely eventually get it covered up or edited," Morris told E! News. "It's just something we definitely don't want to sit there and look at all the time if we stay together forever, so I definitely am going to go look at getting it edited or fixed a little bit so it's not 'Grace.'"
That tat is one thing, but how does she feel about Grant himself? She's... not the biggest fan.
"I just don't think he's attractive at all anymore," she said.
Well, then. Don't hold your breath for a reunion, BiP fans: this TV star has a new man, and probably plenty of plans for a new tattoo swimming in her head.

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