4 Adult Easter Basket Ideas That You Can Throw Together Last-Minute

It's almost Easter. And those of us who no longer live at home — or happen to be young children anymore — waking up this Sunday morning to sugary and pastel-colored sweets probably isn't a reality. But, hold off on cuing those Sunday scaries. Just because we're independent adults doesn't mean Easter baskets have to be off limits! Yes, we may be over hunting parks and fields for jelly bean-filled plastic eggs. And yeah, we've also probably outgrown consuming mass amounts of bunny-themed drugstore candy (or have we?!) But, we'll never stop loving Easter baskets — because isn't it just an ordinary gift wearing a bunny outfit?
And so we've decided to bestow upon ourselves (and maybe even a few lucky friends or family members) our own versions of "Adult" Easter baskets. Ahead we've rounded up the makings for four themed Easter-y gift gatherings. Though you won't find any plastic or Peeps, we've included bottles of booze and sophisticated sweets to make up for it. Now all you need to do is pick out the basket.

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