The Greatest '90s Movies On Netflix

What’s old is new again. From Barbies to chokers, stuff we loved in the '90s are back in full force. But while trends come and go through the decades, there’s one thing that never will go out of style: nostalgia itself.
Fortunately for us couch potatoes, we can feed the need with these films from the 1990s, all streaming on Netflix. Let’s go back to a younger, more innocent decade, when Heath Ledger still sung from rooftops and boy bands performed choreographed dances. When people dated without stalking each other on Facebook first. When CGI effects were quaint, at best.
The '90s weren't so long ago at all — but these movies have the faint sheen of quaintness about them. The world's been utterly changed in only a few decades. We can't go back to the '90s, but we can at least remember the good times.

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