Is An Addams Family TV Show Coming To Netflix?

Ah, The Addams Family. The titular family at the center of the famous '60s sitcom are creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky... but the one thing on everyone's mind is whether or not The Addams Family is coming to Netflix.
Recently, a trailer for a brand-new Addams Family TV show began circling the web, complete with a Netflix logo. At first glance, the series looks totally legit — not to mention delightfully creepy. The show's trailer features the classic theme song perfectly timed to macabre images. There's a hand snipping the petals off a red rose. A creepy painting of an old woman hanging in a decrepit mansion. A severed hand — better known as Thing in the Addams Family universe — inching towards the camera. It all works so well, it's hard not to get hyped for this new series.
Except, well... there is no new series. Take another look at The Addams Family trailer and you'll realize that the trailer is actually just cleverly-collected clips from films and TV shows like Crimson Peak, Penny Dreadful, and even the 1991 Addams Family movie, starring Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci.
Here's what some of the commenters on the Facebook video had to say of the fake trailer:
"But Eva Green as Morticia would be such perfection! Someone needs to pick up this idea!"
"That would have been brilliant...Oscar Isaac as Gomez, Michael Shannon as lurch....I would pay Netflix $80 a month for this show!!!!! Take my $$$$$ Make it real"
"Really sad this is fake tbh I was obsessed with The Addams Family when I was growing up!"
Looks like we've been played — but it may give Netflix an idea for what series to do next. After all, they did just renew A Series Of Unfortunate Events, which is basically the successor to The Addams Family in all things humorously tragic. Your move, Netflix — your viewership would be so about this.

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