The Reason Why This Couple Almost Broke Up Over A Face Mist

James Read. Christophe Robin. Peter Thomas Roth. Taken out of context, those names could all sound less like what they really are — just a few of our favorite beauty brands — and more like something a jealous and uninformed boyfriend might mistake for a list of steamy affairs we carried on while traveling through far-flung locales. A search through your browser history, a message to a friend about how much you love Erno Laszlo — it’s a bit of a stretch, sure, but it could happen. In fact, if a meme that’s currently making the rounds on social media is to be believed, it already has.
The origin of the conversation — or who’s on the receiving end of it — is unclear, but apparently someone got caught spending a little too much quality time with one Mario Badescu. “Who tf is Mario Badescu?” the sender of the text asks. “Actually don’t answer. I hope he makes you happy.” Now that’s cold.
We have to assume that amends were eventually made, because this is nothing more than a misunderstanding… and a hilarious one, at that. It’s hard to imagine Mario ruining any relationships, accidentally or otherwise — unless, of course, the person you’re dating has an aversion to you hitting the sack covered in dots of the brand's beloved Drying Lotion. And if that’s the case, you don’t need them anyway. To love someone is to love their overnight beauty treatments, too — even if they smell like rotten eggs and rubbing alcohol.

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