Your House Can Now Smell Like Antonio Banderas

Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images.
Antonio Banderas sprinkles a little sexiness into everything he does, from playing a cape-wearing revenge seeker to voicing a red-haired, sharp-tongued pussycat. Now, he's channeling that certain je nais se quois into a project that's a little less conventional: candles.
If you've ever dreamt of Zorro whisking you away for a trip through the Iberian Peninsula (we know we're not alone here), then Banderas' "boisse mousse"-fragranced candle is just the thing you need to bring the fantasy home. It contains 100% pure vegetable wax, comes in a sleek glass vessel, and — according to Hollywood Reporter — smells like a Mediterranean vacation. (Only a sexier version of that, because it's Antonio Banderas we're talking about here.) "The creation of your own personality is very important [...] and this can be applied to film or fashion,” he said in a statement about his new venture.
You can find his originally-designed candle, among other things, listed for $21 on the newly minted e-store Starlite Shop — which can only be described as the Amazon for A-listers, or as Google calls it, a market for 'ONLINE CELEBRITY BRANDS.' (Spoiler alert: The actor is by far the most famous seller on the site.)
However, we have some news that'll disappoint you more than the Spy Kids franchise: Shipping is not yet available to the U.S., so you'll have to put your dreams of smelling the star on hold for now. But the meantime, you can pick up a Pitbull — as in Mr. Worldwide, not the dog breed — body spray, which is sort of the same thing. No? Well, we tried.

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