Reddit Is Freaking Out Over This Greeting-Card Fail

A battle of The Dress-like proportions is erupting on Reddit over what this greeting card really says. Please look at it, take it in, and don't jump to any conclusions too quickly.
Originally posted by LucyLilyPadd, this photo elicited quite the discussion, reports The Daily Mail. Clearly, it's supposed to say "glitter is my favourite colour." But does the "glitter" in this seemingly innocent polka-dotted, curlicued card look like...something else?
"I don't see the word Hitler anywhere..." wrote one user.
But others noticed it right away. "Maybe it doesn't look as much like 'Hitler' as it could, but it looks more like Hitler than anything else I've seen that isn't trying to be Hitler," said another user.
Another user said, "I see Hilter!" to which someone else responded, "I say, you wouldn't have much fun in Stalingrad!" Oh, the internet.
It took us a beat to see what the big deal is about this card — but when we saw it, we really saw it. It's undeniably there.
The Daily Mail even did its diligent journalist duty and reached out to a spokesperson for Next, the greeting-card company that created this sparkly controversy-courter.
"The card most definitely says, 'glitter is my favourite colour' and we're very sorry if the decorative font used distorts this in any way," said the poor Next spokesperson.
Another glaring question here is why glitter is being considered a color at all. We kind of get it — it's supposed to be pretty and whimsical and fun, and you can't think about it too hard. But Reddit decided: If you're going to pick apart this card, why not go all the way?
"Also, glitter is not a color," one user helpfully pointed out.
Another wrote: "Sequins are my favorite color."
Our favorite comment of the bunch, though? "Glitter did nothing wrong."

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