Did You Catch Scandal Teasing The Most Frustrating Reunion?

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Vermont has been in the news for the past two years because that’s the state where accidental Larry David lookalike Senator Bernie Sanders currently hails from. But before Bernie Bros were ever a thing, Vermont had a very different pop cultural meaning: it was where Scandal’s Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant would one day move to get away from D.C.’s madness to make love and jam for all eternity.
Since the turbulent couple’s relationship officially ended in the season 5 fall finale, I never thought I would hear the word "Vermont" come out of Fitz’s mouth again. And, yet, it’s back, along with hints of an Olitz reunion.
My "Oh, no, Scandal is going to put Fitz and Olivia back together" senses started tingling during last week’s "Stomach For Blood," when Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) became obsessed with putting his presidential library in Rutland, Vermont. Fitz, famous for usually having everyone do his work for him, is so determined to have his post-presidential life anchored to Vermont he personally tracked down the perfect piece of land in the state for his project.
The president then mentions to Abby (Darby Stanchfield) how close the property is to the home he has in Vermont. You know, the home he built Olivia (Kerry Washington) in season 3 to show her "the dream" of their politics-free future.
Soon enough, Fitz is literally telling Abby he can finally learn to make jam, his imaginary favorite hobby with Olivia.
Abby proves Fitz is secretly dreaming of his fairytale ending with Liv when she yells at him, "Olivia is never going to Vermont for you." Fitz, who’s now dating FBI director and unfortunate Olivia clone Angela, loses his cool, responding, "That was low. Lower than you." If Fitz was over his ex, he would have simply said, "Yeah, I know she's not. I forgot Olivia was alive and wanted to take Angela."
The reunion signals continued into last night’s "Dead In The Water," when Fitz and Olivia have their first scream-free conversation in weeks. Once the president finds out Liv’s favorite human Huck has been hospitalized following some near-death craziness, Fitz rushes to his ex’s side. In an emotional heart-to-heart, he reveals he’s forgiven Olivia for abandoning him at the White House and choosing to abort their baby. In classic Scandal fashion, she gives him a meaningful, wordless look in response and they share a lengthy embrace.
If Scandal sees Olitz as endgame for the TGIT drama, forcing both halves of the couple to forgive each other for their countless perceived slights is the most important first step.
Next week’s 100th episode, "The Decision," only adds to this theory, since it shows us a parallel universe where Olivia and her powerful friends didn’t fix Fitz’s first presidential election. This pretend future apparently includes a wedding for Miss Pope, and it’s heavily hinted she’s walking down the aisle with none other than Fitz. We’re even promised a classic steamy Olitz scene.
Another huge part of convincing fans a possible reconciliation is a good idea is to remind us why (or if) these two even work together in the first place.
It’s possible Scandal is tricking us with all these breadcrumbs and an OMG-worthy twist is around the corner. Or we’re right on the money and there will be another Olivia-Fitz White House closet hookup session on our screens in no time.

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