The Age Differences In These TV Families Might Surprise You

Photo: Scott Everett White/ABC.
It's no secret that Hollywood often casts actors in parental roles who are younger than they should be. Remember when Amy Poehler played Rachel McAdams' mom in Mean Girls — even though there was only a seven-year age difference between them?
And then there's the fact that Angela Bassett played Cuba Gooding Jr.'s onscreen sister in American Horror Story: Roanoke, after she she played his mom in 1991's Boyz n the Hood. (For the record, there's only a decade's age difference between them — Gooding Jr. is 49, and Bassett will turn 59 this year.)
That said, there doesn't always seem to be rhyme or reason behind the casting decisions for parents of adult TV characters. And while we can't imagine anyone else in these roles, some of these actors are closer to being their onscreen kids' siblings than they are to being their parents.

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