We're SHOCKED At How Easy It Is To Make These Flower Letters

It's wedding season — cue the sound of a thousand hands meticulously cutting a thousand flowers with wire-cutters to fashion them into pretty projects. You may think all that DIY stuff is too labor-intensive for you, and we totally get it. But when we saw these cursive flower letters from design site Oh Happy Day!, we just had to investigate how to make them. After all, we've been seeing floral walls, backdrops, and lettering popping up everywhere. (Kimye, could it be all your fault?)
Photographed by Naomi Julia Satake.
Photographed by Naomi Julia Satake, this flower-letter DIY actually doesn't sound difficult at all. The materials you need are: a projector, a pencil, silk flowers, wire-cutters, and gaffers tape. Find your inspiration, trace your word, snip-snip the flowers with your wire-cutters, and then attach your flowers starting with the outline. (See Oh Happy Day! for more detailed instructions.)
It sounds like faux flowers are coming back into style after a long history of being scorned for looking cheap and tacky. (Keep in mind, though, that even good fake flowers can get expensive.) Plus, Kim and Kanye aren't the only celeb muses when it comes to walls of blooms.
"Last year someone tried to explain to me that fake flowers were coming back into style," the author of the post wrote on Oh Happy Day! "I didn’t believe them. Then I started noticing small things like Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement. [Ed. note: How could we forget?] I went to my favorite store last month in Paris, Merci, which is the most beautiful concept store in the world, and they had fake flowers everywhere."
So if you're looking for a way to brighten up an upcoming spring or summer party — or maybe even your wedding — definitely try this out. Come on, how cheerful are these things?! They're almost making us forget about this April monsoon going on in New York City.
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