This World Leader Likes Canned Spaghetti On Pizza

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I have a confession.
Here we go: I like pineapple on my pizza, okay? Deal with it.
I’m also a Chicagoan living in New York City. Meaning, I prefer deep dish to flimsy paper-thin slices that must be folded to be eaten. Since planting myself in the Big Apple nearly a decade ago, never once have I ordered a slice around East Coasters without a sequence of side-eyes. Though I’m not the only fish out of water when it comes to pizza preferences.
Monday evening, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Bill English, tweeted out a seemingly harmless series of photos. The man made dinner for his family and in a moment of pride he decided to show the fruits of culinary labor to his fans on Facebook.
“Cooked dinner for the family last night — like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza!” he said enthusiastically. Little did English know the only topping more questionable than pineapple is “tinned” a.k.a. canned spaghetti.
As an ally in the Pizza Topping Wars even I can’t get behind “canned” spaghetti. And apparently neither can many of his constituents. New Zealanders are not impressed with their Prime Minister’s homemade pizza pies abominated smothered in spaghetti with watery sauce, pineapple, and wait: Are those...chunks of cubed ham, Bill?
“I'll never vote for anyone who puts pineapple on they pizza smh” said one commenter named Mitchell.
“What man fit to run a country and make decisions that affect our lives puts spaghetti, pineapple and what appears to be capsicum on pizza?” said, Aidan. Okay buddy, let's not come for the capsicum. One user, immediately replied to Aidan saying, “Actually this is the best thing he's ever done.” Touché, sir.
Though a few supporters did chime in with tales of their own pizzas smothered in rubbery canned noodles and toppings. “LOL, Mr Prime Minister! It looks like the spaghetti pizza I made at home a couple of weeks ago. People were making fun of me on how pizza can be made from spaghetti!! But WE made it!” said Jiyar. Right on!
Will the leader of the national party ever redeem himself? Only time will tell.

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