The 7 Best Chicago Slices You Haven't Tried Yet

Photographed by Grace Willis.
Who has the best pizza in Chicago? If you're brave enough to raise our city's mostly hotly debated question, you're likely to hear a host of familiar responses. And, that’s just fine: Those restaurants are famous for a reason. But, Chicago is the City of Neighborhoods, and across its 237 square miles, it has a treasure-trove of lesser-known spots that have their own rabid loyalists.
West, North, and South, every side of Chicago has its own go-to neighborhood spots it counts on for its favorite pizza. What makes a great pie? We'd argue that, in addition to fresh ingredients and a hot oven, the key ingredient is institutional knowledge — a claim that's supported by the fact that all of the legendary local spots on our list are venerable. While we wouldn't presume to pen a comprehensive list of the city's best pies, we will say that the next time you're near one of these local hotspots, you won't be disappointed if you take the time to stop in for a slice or two. Or three.

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