The Internet Memed Harry Styles Hanging In The Air & We Love It

We hope that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles are on good terms, because they're about to be competing for the hearts and ears of everyone in the world. Styles' new album will be out in just two days, and the positive reviews are already pouring in.
We can tell you that we're super excited to see what Styles is cooking up. He was the early fan favorite in the band, though Zayn may have surpassed him by the end. Now we'll see what the floppy-haired Brit can do on his own.
He's going all out for the process, including being swung through the air while filming whatever song will be an early music video. Naturally, the photos found their way onto the internet. Even more naturally, they more or less immediately became a massive meme. And, baby, we live for memes.
One of the early jokes was that he looked like he was on a keychain.
A brand even mocked up what that might look like.
There were some Superman references. Or maybe just references to avian confusion.
Some of the Larry Shippers even revived their long-dormant ship. (If you don't know, this is a group of people who believed that Liam Payne and Styles were either secretly dating or should be.)
Of course there were Harry Potter jokes.
And Mary Poppins.
But SpongeBob was the best. He's always the best.

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