Britney Spears Just Changed An Entire Country's Election Process

Photo: John Salangsang/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Britney Spears is an international icon. Her music is a language of its own. Her image? It launches a thousand iPhone cameras with a single glance. She puts on daily fashion shows, and has superior Instagram game. I-fucking-con.
And in case you needed a reminder that the pop star low-key runs the world, here's an quick update: Israel is delaying a major election because Britney Spears is also performing the same night. That's right: Spears is changing the election process of an entire country because she is performing! What a time to be alive.
According to Haaretz, via Vulture, Spears will be performing a large-scale outdoor concert in Tel Aviv on July 3 for all her dedicated Israeli Spears superfans and fans alike. Coincidentally, on that very same day, the country's Labor Party, led by Isaac Herzog, was set to hold a primary election at a venue close to Spears' show. This posed a big problem as not only was there sure to be overlap between the Show Of The Year (Spears under the stars is truly an event not to be missed) and those wishing to vote in the election, but there were also major traffic and safety concerns. You see, much of the staff that would work at the polling center were already scheduled to work the concert. It was actually a pretty smart move on the politicians' part. (Because we all know that they all already have tickets to the show, too.) A source also told Haaretz that those involved in the election expressed interested in want to see "Britney do her thing." Same, guys, same.

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