These BFFs Show What Happens Behind The Scenes Of Vacation Instagrams

If you are a part of a couple, and you go on vacation together, there seems to be an unspoken rule that you must take that photo of your significant other holding your hand and leading you towards paradise. You know, that now-ubiquitous trend of photos in which the subject is holding the photographer's outstretched hand.
These two best friends, however, decided to put a different spin on those #followmeto photos — by showing you what really happens behind the scenes.
Claudia Tihan posted a photo on Instagram of her friend Elisabeth Rioux in front of a beautiful beach. And in the next shot, she included a photo of what it really looks like to be the person taking that enviable Instagram.
"what she see's vs. what i see #swiperight," she wrote in the caption.

what she see's vs. what i see #swiperight

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What Rioux sees, of course, is her friend leaned back in concentration to take that hand-holding photo, double-chin and all.
Since Tihan posted her comparison photos on Instagram two weeks ago, they've gone viral, with over 180,000 likes and 4,000 comments at the time of writing. It just goes to show that as fun as social media can be, it's not always a depiction of reality — and it's important for us to see what really goes into that perfectly curated Instagram grid. And hey, your significant other might know your angles, but these two prove that your best friend will sacrifice her own good angles (and laugh about it) for a photo of yours.

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